Nutrition without satisfaction

Conversation piece
Vr installation

Experience of eating in the future

Companies as Habit and Atlasbiome create personal diets and body movements advices based on our personal DNA and metabolism. We won’t eat what we want, but what our personal and precise diets are telling us. We don’t need our own opinion anymore and our body can be self-sufficient in feeding us. How is the experience of eating when it no longer feeds us, because we get our personal nutrients automatically into our body?

To bring this future scenario closer to the consumer I made this future scenario as an experience. Eating in the future: A new lunchbox with our favorite food textures, matching smells and a VR-experience in it. The future lunchbox does not have the function to feed us but gives us the eating experience we had in the past. By smelling, feeling texture and a VR-experience we have the eating experience we had in the past like you’re eating with someone else. After this experience of eating in the future people think twice about the precise diet that companies nowadays propose.

Future food 

The future lunchbox


Nutrition without

Our bodies contain a community of
micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Micro-organisms have a huge impact on our health and wellness. By getting in the right nutrients we can make our microbiome perfectly in balance. All our bodies have a different microbiome, this means that all our bodies need different nutrients. Scientists and even companies are working on diets that are perfectly tailored to our microbiome. The company’s Habit and Atlasbiome for example research in a lab your body basics, DNA, and metabolism and send you a personal report with your personal diet and what body movements are advised. This results in our body being in balance, which is going to influence our mood, stress resistance, weight and immunity in a positive way. A growing body of research links nutrition to managing health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly half of all adults have a chronic medical condition, which accounts for 86% of annual US healthcare costs, and they expect that awareness of nutrition’s role in health is to grow. So, prescribing food will have a significant and positive impact on the health and emotions of people.
Current studies being conducted and changes occurring about how we can eat healthier and how this is impacting our health and emotions. Our body is going to tell us what and when to eat what makes eating becoming a whole different experience. We won’t eat what we want, but what our body is telling us to eat. We don’t need our own opinion anymore and our body can be self-sufficient. What if the right nutrients that our body needs are getting in to our body automatically?

If our body will be self-sufficient in receiving the right nutrients, we lose the control over ourself that we have nowadays. Our body is going to have the control over our mind and we are forced to trust our body. By removing control, we lose our ability to choose. With sleeping we tend to listen to our body when to sleep, so why should we not do this with eating? Maybe because eating is an emotional experience with our senses. If we taste, smell and hear the food we want to eat, it gives us a satisfying feeling. Eating is also a big social activity that gives us a break. We do not want to eat alone so eating is bringing us together.